Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Happiness is a choice. I say this because I have found this to be true.

I had observed people who have not been rich, wealthy, or otherwise have material devices to bring happiness, and yet have been happy. These folks have stayed contended in what they have (or do not). This contentment leads to their happiness.

I have observed farmers work hard in scorching sun, with not enough money to even buy a shirt to cover their backs, while they manually till their farms. Even after such physical hardship, they can, and do, find happiness and contentment. How do they do it?

My father once said, that there are two qualitative factors in our lives. One being the 'quality of life' and the other being the 'quality of living'. Even though one factor could influence the other, they are not necessarily congruent.

Someone could have a very high 'quality of living', with the latest things money could buy, and yet may not be content, or happy. Such folks do not enjoy a high 'quality of life'. Their misery probably is with-in them. If it were outside of them, then they should have been able to acquire it, right?

In my earlier example of the farmer, the person does not have a high (or even average) 'quality of living' and yet, due to happiness, he/she does enjoy his/her life.

Another extreme would be situations where a person does not have a good quality of living and does not enjoy his/her life. I pity the poor soul.

The luckiest folks are the ones blessed with both. Happy and having means to live comfortably too.

If happiness is from within, how do we stay, and be happy. Maybe it starts in our minds, or our spirit.

We believe that a person is fit and healthy, if his body, mind and spirit is each fit and healthy. A healthy body houses a healthy mind.

A healthy mind can make the right decisions. Decisions such as between a shorter term easier way, versus a longer term although a tough path.

A healthy mind gives way to a strong spirit. A strong spirit sustains the healthy mind's decisions, even during tough times.

A simple exercise (again thanks to my father) is to say this to myself, every time I find myself unhappy - 'I choose to be happy, no matter what'. It turns out that my mind and spirit is able to find happiness, even if the situation was very depressive. This simple technique has a powerful effect. Over a period of time, it becomes second nature.

Simple, yet beautiful. Happiness attracts positive things in life and spreads in our environment.

Happy folks rebound with some inner- resilient strength even in the bleakest of situations. This strength (which comes with a combination of a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy spirit) attracts other folks like a magnet. I guess, other folks would like to get magnetized by such 'strong' people.

Be Happy! Choose to be Happy. Remain Happy.

Until next time,

- Saurav.