Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Relationships' Universe

There are three zones in my universe of relationships with fellow humans.

Of course, there is a whole world of people I have not met, which I refer to as 'Rest of World' in the diagram. In this zone, the instinct of 'survival' would be foremost. Battles 'must' be won. The discussion below is about people I have met or interacted with.

The outermost zone is where I interact with most of the people around. The basic operating instinct in this zone is of 'humanity', considerate yet cautious. In this zone, 'I' (the ego) comes before 'You'. This is the zone where winning matters, though it is wise to choose and pick one's battles, and possessions are the norm. In this zone, we expect equal, or more returns for whatever we give.

The second zone is the circle of friends. In this zone, 'I' and 'You' are equals. Neither comes above the other. The basic operating instincts are sharing, co-opt, partnerships. In this circle, we expect to get in return in equal measure to what we give.

The third and the innermost zone is the home territory. Here, the basic operating instinct is 'love'. 'You' comes before 'I'. We do not seek to win, but to giving up of ourselves here. Surrender rather than conquer. In this zone, we only seek to give, with no expectation of any reciprocal return.

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