Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where to find happiness?

24-7-2007 11:25 a.m. IST

All creatures of God want happiness -- defined in their own terms, according to their instincts, acquired knowledge and experience.

Why? -- because we are all creation of God and desire to be with Him --- He, Who is infinite happiness incarnate --- a happiness and joy that can be felt by a pure mind of a child. That is why God is called 'Sat chit anand'. (More on this later!)

Where to find happiness?

We search for it in our close relationships of parents, spouse, friends, material belongings, etc. But more often than not, it is either a reducing happiness or just a passing phase (not lasting long enough).

For example, if I bought a car (or a house, or any such material possession), I am too excited and happy on getting it, slightly less the next day, even lesser with each passing day, till it looks outdated and a burden after some time.

Yes, when I go to a place of scenic beauty, a joy that fills up my existence does make me happy -- whenever I recall that experience.

For example, if I go to Darjeeling and watch outbreak of dawn from Tiger Peak. I enjoy the tall trees surrounding me and sun rising amidst snow capped mountains. It is as if liquid gold is pouring into a silver bowl. This happiness is definitely of a superior quality than the joy of possessing a car; also this lasts longer. (Label it 'Scenario 1')

Let us see what happens if the above example is repeated ('Scenario 2') with me having a severe headache. The liquid gold will pour into the silver bowl but I would not enjoy the experience.

Also if ('Scenario 3') I have to rush back immediately since a near and dear one is on deathbed, I still do not enjoy the liquid gold pouring into a silver bowl.

The difference between these scenario is only my state of mind!

In 'scenario 1' the mind is lost into the nature's beauty and stopped thinking of me - a person called amarendra. In other scenario (2 & 3) the mind kept remembering amarendra as the body and the person.

So the conclusion is that if my mind can stop thinking about me, I can be happy as long as the mind is in that condition.

But how to do that? Every time I see something, or do some thing, I relate it to myself and with that remember myself. Do I stop thinking about myself and become vulnerable? What happens to all the learning about survival, growth and profit? Also, am I not thinking of MY happiness during all the above discussions?

Want to know 'HOW"? Wait for the next posting on this forum!

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kelly alamanou said...

Nice thoughts!
I red a book about..'the awakening of intelligence' of Jiddu Krishnamurti.
all the best.